Mineral Spotlight: Manganese

Mineral Spotlight: Manganese

Next up in our series on vitamins and minerals found in hemp foods is manganese! Not to be confused with magnesium, manganese is a mineral that is used in many body processes. Manganese is used to support strong bones and a healthy immune system. It is also involved in blood clotting, energy production, and protects cells from being damaged. We often take for granted the role that manganese and other minerals contribute to the overall function and health of our body! Take a moment to step back and think about how tiny substances you ate as part of your breakfast are now working to become a part of you to keep your body functioning throughout the day. Pretty amazing, right?!

Ok, back to Manganese. Manganese is found in a variety of foods. It is generally easy to consume the recommended amount in a varied diet that includes whole grains, leafy vegetables, nuts and legumes. Manganese is also found in tea and many spices. Hemp is an excellent source of manganese – a 3 tablespoon serving of hemp hearts provides 100% of the daily requirement! As you already know if you’ve read our other mineral spotlights, hemp foods pack a serious nutritional punch.


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