Mineral Spotlight: Phosphorus

Mineral Spotlight: Phosphorus

If you’re just joining us, we have been spotlighting the many important but often forgotten minerals that are found in hemp foods. Today we are talking about the mineral phosphorus. Phosphorus is found in every cell in our bodies! Phosphorus does not have one specific function and is used in a wide range of body processes, most importantly creating and storing energy, and it is a component of DNA and cell membranes. Most of the phosphorus in our bodies is stored in our bones and teeth. 

Hemp is an excellent source of phosphorus – a 3 tablespoon serving of hemp hearts provides 70% of the daily requirement for adults. Many foods contain phosphorus, especially dairy products, seafood, meat and beans. Sprinkling hemp hearts on yogurt would almost meet your entire daily need for phosphorus in one meal! 

We often choose the foods we eat because they are tasty, with nutrition and health taking a back seat. Luckily, hemp is delicious AND full of minerals, protein, and healthy fats, so you can take care of your taste buds and your health all in one. 


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